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Specializing in Glass Art, Encaustics & Jewelry
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Regardless of the organizations I have worked with ~ schools, art centers, churches, community events, or neighborhood groups ~ my talents have been in helping envision and implement well-functioning programs designed to meet the core needs of the members involved. If programs were already in place but struggling to run or needing major changes to handle rapid growth, my strengths were best deployed in helping that org revamp their programs' administrative processes with consistent business practices and an eye towards technology and sustainability.  


Most recently, I worked with artEAST Art Center in Issaquah Wa to help establish and implement Standard Operating Procedures and best practices in most areas of the art center, including exhibitions, education, membership, fundraising, guest development, website overhaul, satellite galleries and teaching locations, as well as insurance reviews, board development and a vision/mission/goals revamp. artEAST had grown from a small group of local artists sharing a vision to teach, exhibit and sell their visual art, into a larger non-profit organization with a broader mission committed to reaching out, involving, enriching AND engaging the families, citizens and businesses within the surrounding communities along the I-90 corridor, as well as supporting and developing their growing artist membership. Needless to say, it was a large and timely undertaking that involved a lot of hard work by various key people on the Board, Gallery Management Team, staff and program leads! Before I left in mid-2014, I was working with aE to establish the parameters for a POS / CRM system capable of meeting their expanding gallery, education, exhibition, fundraising, donor & communication needs. In 2015 they found the perfect program and begun implementation.


At various times for the past ten years, I have taught workshops for artEAST and Kirkland Arts Center in my professional home studio as a satellite location. While selling my sterling and fine silver glass bead jewelry in the aE Gallery and mentoring senior student(s), I also enjoy teaching students seeking private instruction, as well as renting open studio space to artists in glass and encaustics.  I continue to host several charitable fundraisers each year with flameworking and beadmaking workshops.


As you can see, my calendar has been overflowing but understandably ran lean on exhibition entries the past few years while I was concentrating on my work as a trustee on the Board of aE.  Since the birth of our first grandson in early 2014, I have pulled away from most of my volunteer commitments, and have focused instead on enjoying my time with our new grandson. He is a such a treasure and his smile is like sunshine on a cloudy day! Now that he is a year and half and getting healthier, I am managing to get back into the studio to make art and teach, so keep an eye out for upcoming exhibitions and class offerings!