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Specializing in Glass Art, Encaustics & Jewelry
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2007 ~ Issaquah Train Depot


2008 ~ Collective Works Gallery ~ Folktales & Fairytales


2009 ~ Collective Works Gallery ~ Animal Crackers!



Sammi 7 in 2009:

Top Row L to R: Ann Elizabeth Scott, Joaney Elliott, Jamie McKay, Carol Ross

Bottom Row L to R: Carol Paschal, Kurt Rodenhiser, Katya Palladina


Come One Come All to see the beautiful and the bestial in artEAST’s newest Collective Works show called Animal Crackers! The show features a group of Eastside artists known as the Sammi 7 who have shown together for the past three years.  From the miniature to the mammoth, this group has interpreted this fantastic and ferocious theme through many different mediums such as encaustics, metal, fiber, glass, oil, mixed media, & photography.  The show’s Opening Reception is Friday August 7th, 2009, from 5 – 8pm at Up Front Gallery, 48 Front Street North in historicdowntownIssaquah in conjunction with Issaquah’s Art Walk nights.  The show runs August 7 – 29th 2009, so there’s no excuse to miss the crazy fun of artists gone wild! 


1.      Favorite Artist?  Marc Chagall, love his expressionistic paintings and the emotions they uproot!

2.      Piece working on right now?  Encaustic piece w/ another sacred feminine form and have started a glass casting of a similar form as well.

3.      What’s your medium? Glass, Encaustics & Jewelry ~ anything using heat!

4.      What’s on your playlist right now?  A huge range of World Music, Playing for Change’s early street music compilations, Adelle, Philip Phillips, Pink, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley ~ I pretty much love all types of music so long as they've got beautiful harmony, great beat or just very intriguing melody!

5.      Favorite beverage?  DDP as in diet Dr. Pepper (love diet cherry coke zero too)

6.      Favorite Place to unwind?  Anywhere on the island of Kauai.

7. What made you decide to be an artist?  As a little kid my grandma saved cards and wrapping paper and all sorts of “little pretties”.  When we would come to visit, she would hand us kids a pair of little round-end scissors and the sears catalog or the Sunday “funny papers” and let us go nuts cutting out pictures to paste onto the backs of scrap paper.  We also dug thru her box of old  cards and baubles to glue collage bits onto old shingles that we later varnished and gave as handmade presents to our parents.  My brother and I progressed to making pinch pots and animals from the red mud in our back yard that we decorated with colored noodles or rice and old beads.  After our creations dried in that blazing Oklahoma sun we glazed them with melted crayons or old house paint. You might say my grandma taught me to love the art of creating something from the things you had at hand.  I know she was ahead of her time in recycled art, and I still have some of those early artworks!