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Specializing in Glass Art, Encaustics & Jewelry
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I tend to work out the seeds for my artistic ideas by drawing in journals or doodling across the pages of whatever book I happen to be reading when inspiration strikes ~ sacrilegious no doubt, but I always read with pen in hand so that no book is safe from having a few words or lines scribbled here and there. Those images and thoughts lodge deep in my imagination to meld and evolve until I get an overpowering urge to bring them to light in paint & print or clay & glass.


Although I love to lose myself in a good book (especially one that just happens to fall off the shelf as I walk by), I tend to have 4 or 5 going at a time, one of which is most usually by an author like Joseph Campbell, Marija Gimbutas, Carl Jung, or Elaine Pagels (some of my favorites).  If you were to arrange the various books, drawings, & journals of my library in chronologic order using the dates noted upon their front leaves & throughout the inner pages, you would find a seemingly tangled thread that would lead you through a spiritual maze to the very soul of my creative center! 
The World Tree series (outlined in the photos above & below) is part of my ongoing journey to discover the many Hidden Faces of the Divine; faces that get buried under the veneers of our modern beliefs. Early man's artistic expression of cultural "truths" are rooted in observations of nature and the skies. As cultural beliefs evolved over the millennia, they became obscured stories in world mythologies and buried rubble of prehistoric art.  Sometimes you have to crack the nut to get at the kernal of truth hidden deep inside ~ but there's a little meat in every nut, so I keep digging, drawing, & creating! 
jamie j mckay
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I worked several drawings from my
journals into pieces for a print; then 
I used them to inspire a clay tile and
mold, which I later used to make
wax models that I cast in glass. 
Her Sacred Ways
©Jamie McKay 2005
Copper Etch & Chine Colle Collage Print 

I love texture and line, flowing color,
& everything melding into Carl Jung's
infamous "Collective Unconscious". Unfortunately I never liked the colors I used in the painting below or the way the dark colors and jagged lines tended to make everything take on a more sinister haunted look, so I tossed it one afternoon in a fit of cleaning out old canvases.  Maybe someone will find it at the dump some day and like it ~ not likely!
Tree of Remembering 
©Jamie McKay 2005   
Acrylic on Canvas 

This tile was created at Kirkland Arts Center (& fired by Pat Colyar).  I worked w/ instructor Steve Gardner to create a 5 part clay press mold so I could make more tiles in wax for glass casting.  See Favorite Instructor link for more info on Steve Gardner -- excellent instructor!


World Tree in Clay

©Jamie McKay 2005
Bas Relief Clay Tile 

Yes that's a blasted crack running thru the glass tile below.  As happened with this tile, occasionally a casting goes awry in the kiln. Fortunately I thought, "quick photograph it before it cracks into a million pieces!"  This tile will obviously need more experimentation to get the right recycled glass formula, but I think the overall design worked quite well. (The crack is due to glass incompatibility.)
World Tree
©Jamie McKay 2007
Open Face Kiln Casting Recycled Glass