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Striking Art Studio LLC ________________

Specializing in Glass Art, Encaustics & Jewelry
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Daniel Rhodes, Clay & Glazes for the Potter, Revised ed
Kathy Triplett, Handbuilt Ceramics
Pierce Clayton, The Clay Lover's Guide to Making Molds
Donald Frith, Mold Making for Ceramics
Frank Giorgini, Handmade Tiles
The Flow, flameworking magazine
Glass Art, glass magazine
Common Ground, glass magazine
Glass Line, hot glass & flameworking magazine
Profitable Glass, dedicated to telling what artists are doing in glass
Charles Bray, Dictionary of Glass:  Materials & Techniques
Keith Cummings, Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass
Henry Halem, Glass Notes
Jim Kervin & Dan Fenton, Pate de Verre & Kiln Casting of Glass
Boyce Lundstrom, Glass Fusing Series, Books 1, 2 & 3
Graham Stone, Firing Schedules for Glass:  The Kiln Companion
Lucartha Kohler, Glass, An Artist's Medium
Tokyo Glass Art Institute, The Art & Technique of Pate de Verre
Chole Zerwick, A Short History of Glass
Richard LaLonde, Richard LaLonde (frit casting info)
Brad Walker, Warm Glass
Corina Tettinger, Passing the Flame