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Specializing in Glass Art, Encaustics & Jewelry
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Advanced Fusing ~ Pattern Bar Bowl
Trilogy in Blue III
©Jamie McKay 2007
Spectrum 96 Soda-Lime Glass
This piece was created & fired during Patty Gray's Advanced Fusing & Design class at Pratt.  If you ever get a chance to take a class with Patty Gray, take a B-vitamin for stamina and prepare for lift off -- this lady rocks!  You will leave class with your head chock full of incredible ideas that are bound to rocket your work into new directions!

Layout of Spectrum 96 glass to create a pattern bar blank.  Second pic shows fused blank ready for grinding and slumping which will yield a thick bowl similar to the one above.
©Jamie McKay 2007
Spectrum 96 Soda-Lime Glass





Dancing with the Moon
©Jamie McKay 2007
Bullseye Soda-Lime Glass


This pic is dark, but shows a variety of effects using dichroic glass, metal leaf, and blowing frits with Bullseye glass. 



©Jamie McKay 2007
Bullseye Soda-Lime Glass



I created these three frit casting pieces in Richard LaLonde's class this past year.



Luscious Lips
©Jamie McKay 2007
Bullseye Soda-Lime Glass