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Specializing in Glass Art, Encaustics & Jewelry
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Students must be 18 years or older to register and/or participate in classes, (16 - 17 years ONLY with prior instructor approval, studio tour by parent or guardian, and signed parental or guardian consent). 
If you are pregnant (or suspect you might be pregnant), you should NOT be working in a warm glass studio around torches and metal oxides!
My studio is licensed & insured, and has been signed off by the City of Sammamish and the Fire Marshal to meet current fire & building codes for Light Industrial use as a Warm Glass & Ceramics Studio / Home Occupancy Business. 
There is an element of risk inherent when participating in artistic processes, handling artistic materials, operating tools & equipment, and breathing fumes and particles that are inherent in every glass & ceramics studio. Students will be working with and/or moving around hot glass, hot kilns, and high heat equipment, sharp tools & sharp glass edges, flammable gasses & hazardous chemicals, glass~clay~wax byproducts, and multiple open flame torches in various parts of the studio as appropriate depending on each week's class schedule.  The studio is equipped with a professionally installed Ventilation System & Gas Protocol Stations, along with multiple fire extinguishers (annually certified).   
Students must be able to jump up and away from their seats to prevent serious burns should the situation occur where hot glass pieces or blobs pop off a punty and land in a lap or down a shirt.  Students must also be able to safely load and transport their own hot punties & glass, heavy molds, and/or glass, mold, and encaustic supplies around the studio.  All Studio work surfaces are 36 - 40 inches high to accommodate torch stations (depending on the work area) with swivel stools for seating. 
Contactthe studio prior to registration if you have any mobility issues that would hinder you from moving quickly or safely about the studio, amongst the other students, or around potentially dangerous tools and equipment. 
Safety equipment, supplies & tools will be provided by the studio and will have proper usage demonstrated at the start of each class.  
Students should bring their own SPF 30 - 45 sunscreen and wear closed toe shoes & socks, along with 100% cotton old clothing (no baggy sleeves and NO SYNTHETICS), long pants, and have long hair tied back securely for all kiln or torch based classes (including encaustics due to the torch & heat guns used). 
For all other non-torch based classes, please wear comfortable clothing that you won't mind getting permanently stained.  The studio is heated in the winter but dress in layers with warm socks & a heavy denim shirt because outside air is vented to the inside as part of the ventilation system.  No tank tops, shorts, or open toe shoes allowed ~ hot glass or wax popping onto bare skin is not pleasant!  Fully closed shoes are always required in the studio!
Driving directions and a Studio Safety & Supply Info sheet will be emailed or mailed to you as part of your Registration Confirmation.  Please review all of the information in your packet prior to coming to class. 
A Studio Waiver will be passed out at the start of class and must be signed before student participation is allowed. 
Please contact the studio if you have any questions or concerns!  
Jamie McKay 2009, 2014