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Specializing in Glass Art, Encaustics & Jewelry
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I started teaching one person at a time in 2003, but to acquire business insurance, needed to make the studio up to code with the City. The studio remodel was started in July 2005 and finally signed off by the city & fire marshall at the start of August 2006, but it took another month to get everything inventoried and set up in the new space.  

Paul, with occassional help from a few key friends & family, did a superb job of building the studio's firewalls and the tank storage shed!
Paul working on the last requirement by the city, a new tank storage shed to be sited on the back side of the garage. 
This thing is built like a bomb shelter, but looks very in keeping with the architectural style of our home since it faces our neighbor's front yard! 

Remodeled Studio Space with four new flameworking stations, active ventilation system, gas protocol stations, stainless shelving and stainless tables.   

Students flameworking with small annealing kiln moved to center table.(October 2006) 



Done Done Done ~ a toast to all the sweat & hard work!

Flameworking Class November 2006 
Safety equipment & ventilation on -- check!


2 kilns are opposite the flameworking area.

A toast to the first Test Class in the studio after the remodel was completed!  They helped me ensure that all the torches, ventilation systems, & gas equipment were in good working order as planned.

Fusing & Coldworking area is now
seperated by the new 2 hour
fire wall & fire door leading into
the Flameworking & Kiln room.